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10 Reasons To Invest In Organic Genetics.

Why invest in Organic Genetics? We breakdown 10 reasons why we believe you should get behind Organic Genetics and become a shareholder in this multi-billion dollar industry.

1. You will be helping patients gain access to a medicine they so desperately need.

By investing in Organic Genetics, you will be investing in our mission to change the scope of the medical industry here in Aotearoa, and to provide safe, effective, and most importantly – accessible medicinal cannabis products to Kiwis who really need them.

“After just one day of using CBD oil, Eddy’s seizures stopped,” tells a still-amazed Katy. “They didn’t just reduce – they disappeared. And now, with each passing month, the milestones just keep coming. My plea is that medicinal cannabis needs to become more accessible for Eddy and other kiwis who really need it”. Katy Thomas on her son’s journey with CBD products.

2. You will become a part of a global billion-dollar industry!

The global medicinal cannabis industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry. According to a report published by Grand View Research, the global cannabis market is anticipated to reach $73.6 billion by 2027. We believe Organic Genetics will be able to capitalise on this strong growth market, meaningfully contribute towards the local economy and generate new jobs and opportunities for the people of Aotearoa.

“Internationally, the medicinal cannabis industry has become a billion-dollar industry with huge market growth. We believe New Zealand will be able to capitalise on that market, contribute substantial economic growth and potentially provide many new jobs and opportunities for the people of Aotearoa”. Organic Genetics

3. We have the right team behind us to ensure our success.

Developing the right team and aligning with the right strategic partners has always been front of mind for us. In this industry, it’s integral to bring in top industry experts who can provide not only a wealth of knowledge but real trial and error experience. Through the team and support we have assembled around us, we are confident that our streamlined processes will allow us to operate at a well-positioned advantage from the moment we hit the ground running.

“Joining forces with Organic Genetics keeps us focused on purpose above all else. Our commitment to integrity and quality without compromise puts us into a position to be the industry leaders in New Zealand, and also set the precedent globally for how cannabis should be grown and utilised.” Jonathan Jones. Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Kind Future

4. We have secured access to globally renowned Genetics.

Organic Genetics have a commercial agreement with Originals California, world leaders in the industry for developing premium lines of craft cannabis flower. They currently own and operate the largest indoor cultivation site in Los Angeles County and bring with them over 22 years of experience in the cannabis industry. Originals cultivate cannabis for several high-profile cannabis brands, including Tyson Ranch, Mike Tyson’s line of cannabis products. Originals will be sharing all of their cultivation intel with us – ensuring we follow the best practices from day one.

5. Organic Genetics has expected revenue from day one through Organic Genetics Imports.

Organic Genetics has partnerships with award winning, premium and unique medicinal cannabis lines. With these partnerships, Organic Genetics can potentially offer unique product suites to the New Zealand market whilst our cultivation facilities get up and running. We believe this is great news for New Zealand patients as it means we will potentially be able to deliver a premium medicinal cannabis product to the market sooner than anticipated, as well as having the potential to create a steady revenue stream for Organic Genetics from day one.

6. Organic Genetics loves to reward its community.

After Organic Genetics starts turning a profit and has expanded and strengthened its assets, we aim to evenly distribute potential returns across all our investors in the form of dividends. As well as dividends, depending on your investment level you will gain access to other rewards from Organic Genetics. Which reward level will you fit into?

Seed Investor $250-$4,999

Seed Investors will receive an invite to annual investor evenings hosted by the Organic Genetics team. This will be a great opportunity to learn about our latest developments and industry updates, meet the team in person, and network with the rest of the OG community over light refreshments.

Sprout Investor $5,000- $49,999

Sprout Investors will have access to Seed Investor rewards, plus
First access to any exclusive events held throughout the year by Organic Genetics. Events may include seminars around medicinal cannabis education, panel evenings, and health and wellness events.

Harvest Investor $50,000+

Harvest Investors will have access to Seed Investor and Sprout Investor rewards, plus Be part of an exclusive tour of our facilities (subject to security protocols and screening).

7. Become a part of a company aiming to be a force with purpose.

We are committed to becoming an industry force with purpose, not just profit-oriented. We have several social initiatives planned, aimed to assist people who are in need of medicinal cannabis. One of these initiatives will be specifically aimed at providing sponsorships to eligible patients in need of financial assistance so that they can obtain the medicinal cannabis products they need.

8. Making a difference.

To Organic Genetics, making a difference means building a brand that protects the health of our people and our planet. As a company, we aim to run a sustainable business, helping to bring about social and environmental change for current and future generations. We are passionate about the environment; not only do we want to be a business leader in sustainability and regenerative practices, but also be a leader in helping other businesses create a sustainable future too.

“Organic Genetics is a business we want our friends and family to make a household name! We share a passion for science backed sustainable plant extracts that provide natural health & wellness benefits whilst nourishing and improving our soil health for future generations! Blessed to have another partnership that supports our mission to innovate with unique indigenous solutions utilising NZ native flora and fauna for the development of Māori economic success. The best part about this beautiful partnership is that Holly Wright, Co-Founder and Director is a whanaunga of ours! Both our CEO, Blanche Morrogh & Holly played on the shores of Parengarenga Habour in Te Hapua outside their Marae, Te Reo Mihi as young kōtiro / women”. Blanche Morrogh CEO Kai Ora Honey, Board of ANT Trust (Northland Land Owners)

9. Organic Genetics has a strong distribution network.

Our distribution partner ANZPharma has extensive distribution in the NZ market, covering over 1100 pharmacies NZ wide. This total number of pharmacies includes 31 partner-owned pharmacies, 350 Greencross stores, 14 Chemist Warehouse stores, 30 Countdown Pharmacies, and the remainder of the pharmacies are independently owned.

“Our current distribution network through our owned pharmacies, major retail chains, and independent pharmacies are all available to Organic Genetics for product distribution. We are excited about the partnership and the opportunities this will bring to both ANZPharma and our extensive networks”. ANZPharma

10. We understand the licensing process.

The Medicinal Cannabis Scheme came into effect on 1st April 2020 with the purpose to improve access to quality medicinal cannabis products for patients. Manufacturers and importers are required to provide evidence to the Medicinal Cannabis Agency that they consistently meet minimum standards of quality before they can be approved for licensing. Those who work in the industry must hold a medicinal cannabis licence. The licence will then specify the different types of activities that a licence holder is permitted to carry out, such as commercial cultivation of cannabis, manufacture of medicinal cannabis products and supply of medicinal cannabis products.

“Organic Genetics has been working closely with both the Ministry of Health and the Medicinal Cannabis Agency since 2019 – to ensure Organic Genetics meets all regulatory requirements in order for us to cultivate, manufacture and supply medicinal cannabis products. We have completed the vigorous assessments for our research, commercial cultivation, and manufacturing licenses, in which our desktop assessments are completed. We are provisionally approved, awaiting a facility site check.” Organic Genetics

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