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"We believe medicinal cannabis is the future of wellness and we’re on a mission to back this up with science." Holly Wright, Co-Founder/Director, Organic Genetics.

We founded Organic Genetics in 2019, to offer a life-changing and natural alternative to pharmaceutical medicines and opioids, after having seen family members suffer from the terrible side-effects during their final stages of life. Our vision is to bridge the gap between healthcare and wellness, and to transform medicinal practices with an option that is focused on wellness, not just short-term management.

Medicinal cannabis has the potential to help many New Zealander’s who suffer daily from pain and chronic diseases, in a far more natural way. We aim to take that potential and use it to transform pain relief practices with an option that’s focused on wellness, not just short-term management. In the last few years, research has discovered that active ingredients from the cannabis plants can have a transformative effect on several diseases and have been used medically to treat illnesses including, but not limited to, chemotherapy-induced vomiting, Epilepsy, Crohn’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. The scientific landscape of cannabinoid knowledge is ever-evolving and investments into new research are required. As a company, we want to contribute to this investment in knowledge and offer medicinal cannabis products that can be used for healing, managing pain, and relieving various illnesses and disorders. As such, Organic Genetics’ goal is two-folded.

– Firstly, we aim to further the current research on medicinal cannabis and work on unearthing new scientific breakthroughs from within this powerful plant. The aim of our research will be to bridge the gap between healthcare & wellness, and open up more avenues for everyday people to benefit from the healing properties of medicinal cannabis.

– Secondly, we aim to create premium quality medicinal cannabis products using the highest-quality strains available. We will be working closely with International medicinal cannabis experts to ensure everything we do is based on global best practice

The recent legalisation of medicinal cannabis in New Zealand has provided the opportunity for companies to apply for a licence to Cultivate a Prohibited Plant from the Ministry of Health.

Obtaining this license means you can locally grow and develop, quality and consistent supplies of Cannabis Sativa for the research, development, and design of medicines. Organic Genetics is one of the few companies here in New Zealand to be provisionally granted a license to Cultivate a Prohibited Plant from the Ministry of Health. To support our goal of further research and high-quality product development, we are currently building a state-of-the-art 2800 sqm laboratory, research, and cultivation facility in Auckland, New Zealand. Our aim is to have this completed by December 2021 and are expecting it to be fully operational by April 2022. From that point, our aim is to focus on developing safe, effective, and accessible medicinal cannabis products. Our proposed research into genetics, high potency strains, delivery systems, and clinical trials, will help ensure we can potentially develop a leading range of medicinal cannabis products.

Our high aspirations for Organic Genetics’ product range comes from our collaboration with an international network of industry professionals, world-class doctors, scientists, cultivation experts, and research institutions who are all committed to unlocking the true power from the cannabis plant. We’re also working closely with one of California’s highest regarded cannabis consultancy companies, who are not only pioneers in this industry but also advocates looking to ensure medicinal cannabis and hemp products have a widespread and transformative effect on people’s health and wellness.

But most importantly, the core of this fast-growing industry is our commitment to the people who will benefit from medicinal cannabis. Here at Organic Genetics we are fiercely determined to make a difference in the lives of people suffering from chronic illnesses. We aim to ensure that as a company we’ll leave a positive footprint in the form of social support initiatives and environmental protection – for the benefit of our current and future generations.

Welcome to the future of wellness, we invite you to join us.  

Organic Genetics, plant-based wellness redefined ™  

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