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Our approach to product development aims to focus on new discoveries and new breakthroughs in cannabinoid science.

Whole Flower

Purposeful, impactful formulas

Organic Genetics aim to have our own pioneering research and development and quality control team of clinicians here in New Zealand, led by Dr Brian King, Organic Genetics Chief Science Officer.

Organic Genetics aims to become scientific-led industry leaders, our goal is to move the needle on cannabinoid science. Through Dr King and our partnership with Kind Future, Organic Genetics is able to work with the University of Kentucky and its Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Neuroscience Centre, as a sponsor to the research required for full Novel Food submission while also furthering future research in this field.

The University of Kentucky’s GLP Neuroscience Centre is one of the world leaders in agricultural and neurological research and development, and one of the only GLP facilities in the US. They meet all regulatory requirements for Novel Foods.

In conjunction with the University of Kentucky, Dr King has designed a research programme which meets the requirements of Novel Foods and continues to pioneer the advancement of research in cannabinoid science.

Utilising selective plant breeding, and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation to engineer genotypic and phenotypic outcomes which align with plant specific goals.
Develop and implement a plan based on standard operating procedure (SOP) driven, strain- specific, cultivation practices that inherently boost systems development and overall ROI (cultivation SOPs are designed to increase profitability and lower cost).

Design strain-specific SOPs for all aspects of growth, husbandry, cultivation, harvest, post-harvest, product development, formulation and ultimately, finished goods.

Dr King is also able to fulfil the toxicology and stability requirements of the product assessments here in New Zelaand, which qualifies us to make our own applications to the Ministry of Health and Medsafe.

Highest Quality

Our approach to product development aims to focus on new discoveries and new breakthroughs in cannabinoid science. Our aim is that every potential product we make, must follow strict formulation commitments and rigorous brand protocols to ensure we can create the highest quality, most impactful products. We see it as our responsibility to create and lead with a strong set of standards for this new industry, in order to push for the highest level of safe, pure, potent, efficacious and bioavailable products – no matter what. In addition, we truly aim to maximise the potential positive impact of this industry, not just the profits.


Organic Genetics is proud to partner up with iX Biopharma, a fully integrated specialty pharmaceutical company with expertise in drug delivery. iX Biopharma’s sublingual wafer products leverage a unique patented sublingual delivery system, called WaferiX.

With this partnership, Organic Genetics can potentially offer a unique product suite to the New Zealand market. We believe this is an exciting partnership for us as well as New Zealand patients as it means we will potentially be able to deliver a premium medicinal cannabis product to the market sooner than anticipated, as well as having the potential to create a steady revenue stream for Organic Genetics from day one.

The potential product suite aims to be distributed by Organic Genetics, and once our own line of medicinal cannabis products becomes available, they will be sold alongside our product suite.

The iX Biopharma team will also participate in our educational series, guest speaking and educating NZ health professionals about their sublingual products and the benefits of medicinal cannabis at our hosted events and seminars/webinars.

Potential product variations

We are very excited to bring our expertise to market and are aiming to have Organic Genetics products to be on the market by late 2023. Potential product formulations include, capsules, oromucosal mouth sprays, transdermal patches, tinctures & oils and vaporisers: Herbal blends for inhalation. 

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