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Book List: 4 Books we’re reading in the office this month.

Perhaps the recent changes in cannabis laws have you curious. Or maybe you are looking for more natural remedies to treat ailments like chronic pain or anxiety and improve your health. Whatever your reason for being curious about cannabis, you’re in the right place! Here are four great books that should be high on your list.

Book List: 4 Books we’re reading in the office this month. Read More »

Health benefits of cannabis

Health Benefits of Cannabis

This infographic shows some of the amazing health benefits of cannabis. The most common use for cannabis in New Zealand currently is for pain control. However it is also a fantastic muscle relaxant, and it has been used with great success to manage nausea and insomnia. This infographic is not all inclusive. As always, Organic Genetics suggests talking with your Dr. openly to see if THC or CBD products could be right for you.

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